When I was little, I had a crush on a football team

When I’m a little boy, I was a fan of football.

I loved the look and feel of it, the speed and the style.

I was obsessed.

I’m now 38 years old, and I’ve grown up a football fanatic.

My family still play a number of games.

My mother played a number, my father played a few.

But when I was younger, it was always the same game.

Football is something I love playing.

I’d go to my local club or to the ground and I’d love to go and play for the boys, even if it meant having to run a bit late to practice.

The only thing I miss more than football is the camaraderie and camarading of the game.

The banter, the banter.

The camaradership is something that I love.

It makes me want to be involved with other people.

When I was 10, my brother asked me to join him and my dad at a local game.

My dad, I believe, was a big football fan.

I thought he was crazy.

I said ‘I’ll just go and join you’.

It was a weird feeling.

It was only when I grew up and started playing and started spending more time with other children and adults that I realised what a great sport it is.

I think football is one of the few things in the world that I miss, in a positive way.

I still enjoy it a lot, and it’s something I play with my daughters and I’m enjoying it.

I’ve got a couple of boys who play football, and one of them is the one who’s been playing for a long time now.

It’s a good thing for the sport, I guess, because it means I can play my sport without being too nervous about it.

I have the privilege of being able to do that.

I don’t think I would have enjoyed it if it wasn’t for the camarsetting.

If you were a camaradier, would you still be playing football?


I think that’s a very positive thing for kids.

I was fortunate enough to have an excellent football coach, who was a great friend of mine and a great footballer.

I really loved him and I loved his team-mates.

I just love it.

What better way to enjoy football than with a friend?

But when I get to the age where I’m in my early 50s, I think I’m ready to step away from football and into other things.

I’m trying to do more writing, and working as a journalist.

My career has changed so much.

I had this opportunity to do this in my 60s, so I’m looking forward to a fresh start and maybe doing a bit more journalism.

I still enjoy football, but I don

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