What to know about hemp, papermaking and hemp cultivation

Hemp cultivation is growing in Canada, and farmers are using it to make paper.

Hemp cultivation in the U.S. has been slow to gain traction.

But in the meantime, hemp papermakers are taking advantage of the crop.

The Canadian Hemp Industries Association, which represents farmers, said in a statement Monday that hemp papermaking is being grown by about 150 farmers in Alberta and British Columbia.

It’s also growing in Colorado, Iowa, Kentucky, Nebraska, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah and Washington.

It has a market share of about 3% in Alberta, according to the association.

It is the only crop grown on U.s. soil.

Hemp is the world’s largest fiber and one of the worlds fastest growing crops.

It can be made into paper, canvas, canvas paper, paperboard, paper, cardstock and paper products.

The fiber is used for everything from clothing to electrical tape.

It was originally grown for food and is grown in tropical climates.

Hemp is also used in many types of papermaking including books, bookshelf paper, greeting cards and posters.

The hemp crop is growing at a rapid rate, with an annual increase of about 300%.

In Canada, hemp production is about 7% of the country’s total paper output, according the Canadian Hemp Industry Association.

Hollander Beater, the company that makes hemp paper for the Canadian market, has been growing the plant for about a decade.

Hemp has a wide variety of uses, from making food and fiber to insulation, and for building materials.

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