What do the monkeys and dolphins have in common?

I am sitting in my office, looking at the photographs of my four children, all of them in school uniform.

They are looking at me and I can tell they are fascinated by the strange, wonderful and sometimes disturbing images in front of them.

“The animals, that’s what makes them so interesting,” my eldest son tells me.

“And they’re all really happy and friendly.

And the animals are just the most beautiful thing you can imagine.” 

But I am not a zoologist, and the animals I see around me are not the animals we see in our everyday lives.

They do not live in captivity.

They live in Indonesia. 

“I don’t know what they’re doing in there,” my son tells my colleague, who is also a zoology graduate student.

“But I know that animals that live in the wild, they’re happy, they don’t cry, they have no need to.

They’re not scared.” 

When you go to Indonesia, you are treated like a tourist.

You walk through the bamboo forest and see wild animals.

And then you walk away. 

The animals are not in captivity but in the homes of people who live there.

They come to the area, they eat, and then they come back. 

What do the animals have in their homes? 

“The animals have a lot of personality,” explains my colleague. 

When a visitor is walking past a house and she looks in a window, it is a very important moment in their life.

“It’s the time when they really feel happy and relaxed and happy and content,” she says.

“In some ways, this is a time for them to experience the freedom they have in the outside world.” 

Do they have the same personalities in their environment? 

My colleague agrees. 

But she also points out that this is not the same.

“When you come to a zoo, you don’t see the same animals every day,” she explains. 

So what do the people who work in these homes feel when they walk through their homes, looking in the window? 

 “It’s really strange,” she replies. 

Does she see any animals that are happier and calmer? 


“Because the animals in their houses are living the same way as they are in the forest.

They can’t move, they can’t talk, they are just like the animals they were before they were taken into captivity.” 

What does the visitor experience when she comes to a house? 

The visitor is treated like any other visitor. 

They are given food and water. 

A lot of the visitors are also taken to a separate, private area. 

Some people also visit the zoo. 

Are these people happy? 


Do the animals that they see in their surroundings are happier? 


But again, that depends on how the visitors interact with the animals. 

In my opinion, the best way to view these animals is through the eyes of a zoological visitor.

The zoo is an excellent place to study them and observe their behaviour, says Myo Kwon, a professor of zoology at the National University of Singapore. 

It is important to observe their emotional states, as well as their personality, she says, “and then study them.” 

Does this type of experience really give us insight into the personalities of these animals? 

There is no scientific evidence that zoological visitors actually give us a good idea about what is going on inside their animals’ minds. 

One study in Japan found that visitors who spent two days with wild animals did not notice that they were being filmed. 

However, the results of a similar study in China, which focused on visitors visiting the zoo, indicated that the zoo visitors had an improved perception of the animals when they spent three days with them. 

Why are we so fascinated by animals?

What do these images of animals really show? 

It all depends on what you think of as zoology.

“These animals are beautiful and have an amazing personality, and their behaviour is so different from the people that we see everyday,” says Mya, a zoologists graduate student at the University of Adelaide.

They have a sense of humour. “

They’re really unique, but also they have a way of life.

They have a sense of humour.

They just love to be around people. 

And their behaviour in the zoo is so much more similar to the people around them.”

What is zoology?

Zoo animals are part of a much wider animal conservation movement in Australia, which aims to reduce the exploitation of animals for the sake of profit. 

These animals live in enclosures called zoos, which are meant to provide a refuge for animals in need of a home.

The animals at the Australian Zoo in Adelaide, in Adelaide Zoo,

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