The Jerusalem paper says it’s closing its doors for good

The Jerusalem Paper has said it will close its doors as part of its restructuring plan and that it will not be publishing the daily newspaper.

The paper, which has been a daily newspaper since it was founded in 2005, said on Monday that it was shutting down its digital publishing operations and that its online operations would be closed in 2018.

It also said it would be removing its name from its website and its print and online magazines.

It will be rebranding itself as “Jerusalem Post Jerusalem” and will publish its website under the title “The Jerusalem Post Jerusalem.”

It said it is closing its digital operations and will cease publishing the paper’s digital edition.

It said in a statement that it is in the process of consolidating its operations in Israel.

It added that it “had been considering closing the paper in the coming months and is now working to complete this task.

It has now decided to lay off a significant number of staff and to discontinue the print and digital editions.”

The paper has been run by the same family for the past 40 years, but its digital edition has been largely abandoned as the company’s business model has been in decline.

It is also facing mounting pressure from foreign governments to take the paper offline.

Earlier this month, the New York Times, the British Guardian and the Washington Post published stories that detailed allegations of corruption in the Jerusalem Post.

The Jerusalem newspaper’s parent company, the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, said it had received a letter from the United States Department of Justice demanding that the newspaper stop its work in the US and its offices in Jerusalem.

The DOJ letter noted that the Jerusalem paper’s work in Israel is illegal and that “it was complicit in the systematic abuse of Palestinian citizens of Israel.”

“The Washington Post and The Jerusalem Center have published articles alleging that the paper is engaged in systematic human rights abuses in the occupied territories, and that they are complicit in that abuse,” the DOJ letter said.

“The paper has published numerous stories, in both print and electronic formats, alleging the unlawful persecution of Palestinian and Arab citizens of the state of Israel and has repeatedly called on the United Nations to investigate.”

The Jerusalem Times reported that the DOJ was sending letters to several news organizations in the United Kingdom and Canada, but not to the Jerusalem Daily Star.

In December, the Justice Department announced that it would begin a criminal investigation into the Jerusalem Times and to a third company, “the Jerusalem News Group,” over its publishing of articles critical of Israeli authorities.

The news outlets said that they had already begun to move their operations from the US to Israel, which the DOJ said it was not targeting for the investigation.

“Jericho is shutting down because of a number of operational challenges and it will be closing down at the end of this year,” the Jerusalem Jerusalem Times said in an emailed statement.

“It is important to note that we have been operating in Israel since at least 2004, and we have always respected Israeli law and our values and values of freedom of expression and press freedom.

We continue to believe in Israel’s future and will continue to work for a just, secure and peaceful Israel.”

The report of the DOJ investigation came amid growing pressure to remove the paper from circulation in the wake of the ongoing wave of Palestinian violence and unrest in the country.

It comes just a week after the publication of a report that the UN Commission of Inquiry on Palestine, a panel of independent experts that is supposed to investigate alleged human rights violations committed by Israel during the 1948 war, had found that Israeli forces had killed and injured more than 5,000 Palestinians during the war.

On Monday, the Times said that it had been “forced to shut down its operation in the U.S. due to internal pressure” from the Trump administration.

“We have to close our operations in the States because of the new administration,” the paper said in its statement.

The announcement of the closure comes after The Jerusalem Jerusalem Post published a story in September detailing allegations that the organization was in violation of Israeli human rights law by using its offices to receive money from a US-based charity, the US-Israel Business Council, and from the U

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