Papermaking residency program helps papermakers earn more

A residency program is giving papermaking professionals an opportunity to earn more after spending a year working at a local coffee shop or grocery store.

The National Papermaking Research Foundation launched the Papermaking Residency Program (PRP) at the University of Colorado Boulder in February, according to the foundation.

Papermaking is a craft that involves hand-making paper and folding it.

It is used for packaging, decorating and making medical and scientific documents.

According to the PRP website, papermaking is the fastest growing industry in the United States.

In 2014, the average wage for a papermaker was $30,919, according the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In 2015, the median wage for papermakers was $40,979.

According a press release, the PRPs goal is to increase the number of papermakers in the U.S. and make sure they are employed in jobs that are relevant to their skill set and experience.

The program aims to provide training for all papermakers, from those who are starting out to those who have graduated and are ready to apply for jobs.

The fellowship program provides fellowships to residents of major metropolitan areas in order to facilitate entry into the industry, said David Wiesner, PRP program manager.

The fellowship program offers a $10,000 stipend to all papermaking residents who graduate from a residency program.

The stipend will cover tuition, books, equipment, equipment materials, travel expenses, and other costs.

The residency program requires participants to demonstrate an ability to:Hand make and fold paper at home; make and sew and package medical and educational documents and information; create and stitch medical and technical publications and documentation; create medical and surgical equipment and documentation and provide medical and medical-related services and technical support to health care professionals and researchers; design, sew, fabricate, or make custom or limited edition products; and prepare and stitch, sew or package medical or educational materials, including medical and health-related medical and engineering publications and educational materials.

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