Papermaking is a $1 billion business

Papermaking, which employs about a quarter of the world’s papermakers and a fifth of its jobs, has been a profitable business for decades.

Australia has traditionally been a top destination for papermaking jobs, and it is still growing rapidly, as it has since the early 20th century.

But its export market has dried up, and the industry has also struggled with a shortage of skilled workers, particularly in Asia.

Australia’s economy has been in the red since 2012, and while exports have grown steadily in recent years, they have been largely offset by lower demand for paper, particularly from Asia.

A new study, led by the Australian National University, has found that papermaking is worth around $1.4 billion a year in Australia.

It is estimated that the papermaking sector generates about $100 billion in annual revenue, including around $50 billion in revenue from overseas.

The study also found that Australia had the highest number of papermakers in the world, with 1.7 million people employed.

In 2014, Australia had about half the number of papers produced per capita of the next-largest economies.

Australia’s papermaking industry employs about half of the population, and is expected to account for about 25 per cent of the economy.

The research found that there were 4,865,000 people in Australia working in papermaking in 2017, while the US had more than a quarter that number, with about 567,000.

Australia had the second highest number in the OECD at 1.3 million people, followed by the UK with about 1.1 million and the US with 851,000 workers.

The papermaking workforce is one of the largest in the European Union, accounting for about a fifth.

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