New papermaking technology is saving the world from trash

New paper making technologies are saving the planet from trash, a report by the Global Waste Report 2017 found.

The report by GWP found that a papermaking technique called waste heat transfer (WHT) can save a billion tonnes of plastic, cardboard, paper, paperboard and paper products from landfill annually.

The papermaking process involves heating a mixture of chemicals in the presence of a flame and then cooling it.

The heat of the flame can generate a stream of hot chemicals, which can be absorbed by the surface of the paper.

These chemicals can then be washed away by the flow of the water.

The process can be used to manufacture hundreds of thousands of items every year.GWP estimates that waste heat Transfer can reduce landfill waste by up to 80 per cent, as well as reduce emissions from landfills by up 200 million tonnes.

According to GWP, a single unit of waste heat transferred can cut down on landfill waste in half.

This technology can also reduce CO2 emissions from manufacturing by up 100 million tonnes, which will help to reduce the country’s emissions of the greenhouse gas.

The technology has already been used in many countries to make products ranging from paper and cloth to plastic, paper products, paper towels, cloth napkins and other items.

The GWP report also found that WHT is being adopted in other industries.

The waste heat technology can be implemented in a variety of industries, such as paper production, paper-making, textiles, food production, furniture manufacturing and other textile and paper-related sectors.WHT can also be used in the manufacture of clothing and footwear.WHOT is now being used in a range of industries including paper, cloth and paperboard.

The World Paper Association (WPA) has also called for the adoption of the technology as a means to cut down CO2 and emissions.

The WPA, which represents the world’s paper manufacturers, also said that WHA can help meet the demand for paper products and cut down the waste generated by landfill.

The WPA also recommended that waste Heat Transfer be implemented across the globe, including in the use of paper, textile and other industries to help meet growing paper demand.

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