How to make papercraft supplies from scratch

Papermaking supplies from the supermarket and the mail can cost up to $5,000.

Here’s how to make them from scratch.

Read More , and the process is usually done by hand. 

It may seem simple, but it’s actually very complicated.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to build your own papermaking supply from scratch:Step 1.

Find an inexpensive, pre-cut template to work fromStep 2.

Cut the template in halfStep 3.

Lay the template on a table and then trace the outline of the paper with your pencilStep 4.

Draw a line across the templateStep 5.

Cut out a piece of paper from the template and trace the same line over the template, forming a shapeStep 6.

Fold the folded piece of template in thirds and cut out two sections of paperStep 7.

Roll the paper to form a long sheetStep 8.

Fold this sheet over itself and cut two parallel lines across the topStep 9.

Fold over the folded paper and cut a long section of paper outStep 10.

Repeat this process until all the folded sheets are completedStep 11.

Cut four pieces of paper in half and stack them on top of each otherStep 12.

Make four separate stacks of paper with a flat topStep 13.

Draw the outline on one of the stacked stacksStep 14.

Fold out one of each stack and trace an outline over the outlineStep 15.

Fold and shape the folded sheet into a long rectangleStep 16.

Cut an outline of your choice and trace around the outline and cut the edgesStep 17.

Cut another outline on the paperStep 18.

Cut a second line and trace along this lineStep 19.

Cut two more linesStep 20.

Cut and shape two more foldsStep 21.

Cut off the top of the foldsStep 22.

Fold your completed paper to make a triangleStep 23.

Cut your paper triangleStep 24.

Cut paper triangles in half, making two trianglesStep 25.

Fold each triangle into thirdsStep 26.

Fold a third triangle into two triangles and trace them over the top.

Step 27.

Cut these triangles into trianglesStep 28.

Cut each triangle again and cut another triangleStep 29.

Cut triangles from the end of each triangleStep 30.

Repeat these steps for all of the trianglesStep 31.

Make a triangle with each of the other trianglesStep 32.

Cut one triangle into a second triangleStep 33.

Cut three triangles from each of your three trianglesStep 34.

Cut them all in halvesStep 35.

Cut all of your paper to create a sheet of paperThat’s it! 

Now you’ve got your first piece of handcrafted paper!

Step 1: Find an affordable pre-made templateStep 2: Cut the pre-fab paper template in halves (this will make two halves)Step 3: Cut each template in two and stack itStep 4: Trace a long line across each templateStep 4a.

Make two identical lines, one for each template sectionStep 4b.

Trace a line down the middle of each template stepStep 4c.

Cut through all of these lines and cut them outStep 5: Cut your template pieces into two piecesStep 6: Cut out two sheets of paper and trace one line across itStep 7: Cut a line along the middlelineStep 8: Cut two lines from each lineStep 9: Cut an empty sheet and trace a line to mark the endStep 10: Fold one sheet over the otherStep 11: Cut another sheet and cut through bothStep 12: Fold the two sheets over themselvesStep 13: Cut all the pieces in half Step 14: Cut four trianglesStep 15: Cut triangles in thirdsStep 16: Cut three lines from a triangle in the middleStep 17: Cut and cut four triangles from one sideStep 18: Cut in half the paper triangle, fold it into thirds and trace another line around the triangleStep 19: Cut one more line from the top stepStep 20: Cut into thirds a second sheetStep 21: Cut from the bottom halfStep 22: Cut through the paper, folding in half your paperStep 23: Cut it all into thirdsThe final product should look something like this:Step 0: Find a pre-built templateStep 1a.

Find a blank template sheetStep 1b.

Cut into two halvesStep 2a.

Cut up the template pieceStep 2b.

Fold it overStep 3a.

Fold down the template Step 4a: Cut half of the template piecesStep 4 b: Cut down one halfStep 5a.

Cut down the rest of the templates piecesStep 5b: Cut up your paper piecesStep 7a.

Take your paper templates apartStep 8a.

Start by cutting up the templatesStep 8b.

Repeat the steps above for all the paper piecesIn this example, I have taken a template sheet and traced a line from its bottom to its top.

The bottom part of the sheet is cut down, the top part is cut up and the sides are folded.

You’ll also need a template piece

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