How to make a hand papercrafts book in a matter of hours

We’ve seen a few hand papermaking tutorials on the internet and it’s all very simple.

But how do you make a book in such a short period of time?

That’s what we’re going to look at today.

We’ve got a handbook and a recipe book for hand paper making, which should be easy to follow, and it will also give you some ideas on what to make, what materials to buy and how to do it yourself. 

In this handbook, we’ll show you how to make your own paper, with lots of colour, shape and materials to choose from.

It also includes a hand-written recipe guide and a handy video to show you exactly what you need to make the finished product. 


Choose a material and shape paper 1.1 Choose a colour, thickness and weight 1.2 Pick a shape and size paper 1,3 Choose a size and colour paper 2.1 Cut a square of paper into a square shape 2.2 Place the paper on a square paperwork surface 3.1 Wrap a sheet of paper in cling film 3,2 Place the paper around the paperwork 4.1 Fold a corner of the paper in half and lay it on top of the next square paper 5.1 Place the remaining square paper on top 6.1 Lay the folded paper on the next piece of paper 7.1 Make the paper with the corners of the folded sheet of the previous square 8.1 Put the folded piece of the sheet over the paper of the first square paper to form a complete book 9.1 Roll the paper back and forth 10.1 Label the finished paper 11.1 Finish the paper 12.1 Use the paper to write the recipe 13.1 Take the finished book 14.1 Share your finished book with your friends 15.1 Have a look at our book making guide and watch our video tutorial 16.1 See how to add your own colours, shapes and materials 17.1 Add colour, texture and more colour 18.1 Create your own colour and shape 19.1 How to fold your book 20.1 Find the right type of paper for your paperwork, including paper that’s softer than cotton 21.1 The difference between paper and a thick book 22.1 What happens to a hand written recipe book when it’s printed 23.1 Using a template 24.1 You can make your book online 25.1 How to add a colour and texture to a book 26.1 Get your book printed 27.1 Learn how to fold a book for the first time 28.1 Tips for making a hand book 29.1 DIY projects 30.1 Making a book with hand-drawn illustrations 31.1 Designing a book using a blank piece of book paper 32.1 Looking to make books online 33.1 Creating your own book 34.1 Learning to fold books 35.1 Bookmaking tutorial 36.1 A DIY guide to folding a book paper for the FIRST time 37.1 An illustrated guide to how to create a handmade book 38.1 To buy a book from our website 39.1 Want to know more about making a book? Read more 

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