How to Make a Camas Papermaker Gear

By the end of the summer, you’ll have enough paper to make a few camas or a couple of hand papermakers.

Here’s how to get started with it.

The basic materials you need to start out with:There’s a lot of paper to choose from, so you’ll want to choose the materials that you’ll need to make your first print.

I used a sheet of 16mm (1 inch) thick plastic and a piece of thick cardboard (this would be a good place to start) to create my first camas print.

I used a thin piece of sheet metal to attach the bottom part of the paper, and another thin piece to hold the top piece in place.

I cut this into a circle to make the bottom.

The plastic is very strong, so the bottom of the camas can be cut with a razor blade.

I did this to give the top part a little more strength, but I think the bottom would look more interesting if it was a bit more solid.

You’ll also need a few glue sticks.

This is important for attaching the top and bottom pieces together.

A couple of thin strips of wood glue will work.

Here’s what it looks like on the camases paper:The camas prints are actually pretty close together, but it’s easy to get a better look at the layers if you cut the paper off.

The camases print is made from a paper made from sheets of 16 mm (1-inch) thick polyethylene.

The paper is made by cutting strips of polyethylenes together, as shown in the photo below.

This process creates a smooth surface that can be rolled and bent to create more and more shapes.

The polyethylenis is made up of many small layers that are glued together to form a sheet.

The glue is the last piece of the sheet that makes up the camased paper.

You can use the glue to glue the top of the print to the bottom, but a glue stick would also be a great choice for this.

I found the glue stick to be more effective for me.

The glue sticks are very strong and can withstand a lot more pressure than a thin strip of wood.

You might not want to use a glue gun or a plastic cutter for this, because it might crack.

You could, however, cut the glue with a sharp knife, or use a scraper or knife to make small cuts into the glue.

Here are some more photos showing the process.

You can use a small amount of glue to make camas from the bottom up, or you can make them from the top down.

The camases top layer is glued together, and the bottom is rolled up and folded up.

The bottom layer is cut out and the top layer glued to the top.

The bottom layer of the glue sticks is rolled into the paper to form the camase print.

This is what it look like when the top is glued to one side of the cardboard:Now, you can fold the top over to create a new camase.

I chose to fold the camay layer down to form it, and then fold the bottom over to form new camases.

The new camas are folded over and then rolled into a sheet with a piece that sticks out of the middle.

This allows for a nice little fold that makes it easier to turn.

You should be able to make about four camas per sheet of paper, although it may be a little difficult to make each camas sheet individually.

The first camases prints I made are only one-inch thick, so it’s not going to be easy to make an 8mm (2.5 inch) camas piece.

Here are some photos of the finished camas:Here’s the finished result, which I used to make three camases and two hand papermaking sheets:There are two ways to make these camases: 1) you can cut the top off and roll the paper over, making camas on the inside, and 2) you could glue together the bottom and the middle pieces of the sheets to form one large camas.

If you make the first option, you need two pieces of cardboard and glue sticks to attach it to the paper.

Here is the top-down view of my camas stack:This is how it looks after I’ve rolled the cardboard on the sides of the stack, and glued the glue pieces to the cardboard.

Here I am holding the top sheet of the Camas stack on the top side of my stack.

Here the glue is on the cardboard, and it’s folded up in a way that makes the bottom layer look more solid, so I can make a camas in the next layer.

The Camas print can be used for both camas and hand paper making.

You don’t have to worry about glue or glue stick placement as long as you’re careful.

Here it is on my hand paper

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