How to dress as a Muslim, says Iranian woman who dresses as a Christian

Iranian-American fashion designer Alia Ghassani has created a fashion brand that embraces the Islamic faith and is all about the hijab.

She says she was inspired to create the hijab-clad brand after she witnessed her fellow Iranian women dress modestly, which she says was frowned upon in Iran.

Ghassan, who is originally from the U.S., is an American-Iranian fashion designer who has also created accessories for the brand, and was recently honored with the Grand Prize at the International Iranian Fashion Show in London.

Ghasani told Business Insider in an interview that she began dressing as a different gender at age seven and has been wearing the hijab ever since.

“I always knew that I was a woman of color.

I was not sure about being a Muslim,” she said.

Ghastani said she began wearing the veil when she was six years old, and that her mother taught her to do so.

“She told me, ‘Your hair needs to be tied back so it doesn’t go all over the place, and you have to wear a scarf,'” she said of her mother.

“When I started dressing as myself, I didn’t know what that meant.

I didn, but I started to do it because I liked the way I looked.”

Ghastan’s hijab is made from a variety of materials, including leather and silk, and the design of the scarf can be influenced by a person’s gender.

“As soon as I started wearing the scarf, it felt very natural,” she added.

“But it’s not just about the scarf.

There are lots of other pieces to it that are very beautiful.”

Ghassanian has since sold over 30 million pieces of the hijab, which was introduced in the United States in the early 2000s.

In 2013, she became the first Iranian-born fashion designer to win the Grand Prix for Fashion Design in London, which is a prestigious fashion event in the U:london.

Ghosani’s clothing line is also available in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

Ghostani said her fashion line was inspired by the fashion of the Arab Spring, which brought freedom to women across the Middle and North African countries.

Ghadani said that women were allowed to wear their hair up, which they were not allowed to do in Iran during the Islamic Revolution, which took place from 1979 to 1989.

The Iranian government has been criticized for not cracking down on the Muslim Brotherhood, a movement that advocates for the suppression of the religion and the overthrow of the secular state.

Ghartani’s hijab line is available in several colors, and features designs for women and men.

Ghassi also noted that Iran has an extremely rich tradition of women who have been able to be successful in business and academia, and said that this is also true for women in Iran today.

Ghasseani said the hijab can be a symbol of Iranian identity, and has received some backlash from many in the Islamic world for being a conservative brand.

“Some people feel that the hijab is a sign of oppression, and I don’t think it is,” she explained.

“The hijab is not a sign to be afraid of anything.

It is a symbol to have confidence in yourself, to be able to wear the hijab.”

Ghasan said that the first time she went to the grocery store in Iran was during the Iranian Revolution.

“We were so happy, because we were living under a dictatorship, and it was the first thing we ever did in Iran,” she told Business Insider.

“After that, I never felt so liberated.”

Ghassean, a mother of four, also said that wearing the Muslim hijab can bring a sense of peace and stability to people.

“People in Iran know that I am an Iranian, so they can understand what I am going through,” she stated.

“For me, it is a way to take my pride back, to express myself.

It is a statement to be proud of myself, because that’s my freedom.”

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