How the Trump administration is attempting to sabotage the American papermaking industry

In a memo, the Department of Energy (DOE) has requested the closure of nearly 2,500 factories and offices in the United States.

According to a draft of the proposed policy, “The closure of any factory or office that employs more than 50 people will cause significant economic harm and would likely be detrimental to the economy and public health.”

In the memo, which was obtained by The Hill, the DOE proposed closing a number of industrial facilities in the states of Alabama, California, Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Washington.

These plants employ over 800,000 people and produce a total of almost 7 million paper products annually.

The memo cites several industries that would be hit hard by a reduction in jobs, such as the construction, extraction, and packaging industries.

According the DOE, “Industry-leading facilities in Alabama, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Florida and Washington are projected to experience a loss of employment, at least $30 billion in economic impact and $40 billion in additional direct and indirect costs.”

The DOE proposes that the “cost of these closures would be borne by the businesses themselves, and the estimated $20 billion in direct and related indirect costs” would be passed on to the taxpayers.

The letter also argues that these closures are not necessary because “the cost of closure would be paid by the industry.”

The memorandum was sent to the President of the United Auto Workers Union (UAW) and to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

The Trump administration’s actions are part of an effort to “reduce the size of the UAW, which is now more than twice as large as the previous year,” according to the Washington Post.

The Trump government’s plan to shrink the U,S.

auto manufacturing sector has been well documented.

According a report by the Economic Policy Institute, the auto industry in 2017 lost $1.7 trillion.

According, “Auto production in the U-S has shrunk by over 50 percent since 1999.

That was the largest decline in auto production since World War II, when there were only a few hundred thousand cars on the road.”

The auto industry has also suffered from numerous structural problems, including underinvestment in research and development, a lack of qualified workers, poor product quality, and low production costs.

As a result, the industry is facing massive financial losses.

This article (Trump Administration Suggests Cutting Off Jobs In U. S. Paper Making Industry) by Breitbart News is free and open source.

You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Jake Anderson and Breitbart News.

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