Hand papermaking: The art of the hand?

By Emily Garlick-BrownThe world of hand paper making has been evolving at a rapid pace, and for a long time, it was seen as an art form only a few artists were interested in, says artist Emily Garrick-Boulton.

However, as the popularity of digital and mobile devices has increased, and as the number of people interested in hand paper has increased and the skills of hand designers have increased, so has the interest of those artists, she says.

“In the last decade or so, the hand papermakers have come out of the woodwork and they are in a position to take a big step forward,” she says, speaking about the emerging field of hand craft, which she says has the potential to become a “big, exciting, multi-faceted” art form.

“Hand papermaking is now a huge field, and it is now really popular with people who are very into the craft of hand-crafted papermaking,” Ms Garrack-Brown says.

Hand paper is an art of creating and combining multiple sheets of paper in a specific way, such as using a paper cutter, hand paper milling, or hand-knitting.

Hand-made paper is used to create an artistic and functional piece of paper that is able to withstand a range of different uses, and is considered to be a form of paper art.

“If you can create a paper-based piece that can withstand a lot of different use cases, and has a high degree of artistic integrity, then it can really be used for many different things,” Ms Jervis says.

The Australian Hand Paper Museum is now open at the Victoria Exhibition Centre in Melbourne.

It has more than 100 exhibits of hand made paper products, with a range including hand-made bags, bags made from recycled paper, and hand-rolled papers for personal use.

“The hand paper we make is really just a very special kind of paper and there is a lot to be learned from making it,” Ms Aussie says.

Ms Aussie has created a range, ranging from paper bags to bags made of recycled paper.

“We’ve been very fortunate to be able to get people like [a] David Williams, who makes handmade paper bags, and people like John MacFarlane, who creates hand-knit hand-printed bags,” she said.

“It’s great to see a lot more people interested.”

Topics:arts-and-entertainment,craft-and.industry,hand-and.-craft,art,hand,melbourne-3000,vic,vic”},{“id”:”88363986″,”title”:”Hand papercraft: Making paper-powered machines and tools for kids”,”description”:”Hand-and‑craft: The Art of the Hand?”,”link”:”/en-us/about-us,5,7972,108817-2,AUS,Australia/Victoria/New South Wales/Victoria article/Hand paper making: The world of flimsy, plastic-encased objects can be a challenging subject for some, but there are many people who enjoy the craft.

Artists like Ms Jevon Jones, who created this paper bag for his students, says it has an artistic integrity that goes beyond its appearance.

“There is an integrity to the craft that goes with it, which is a wonderful thing,” he says.

Mr Jones has been making paper bags for more than 20 years and has now developed his own design for the bag.

“He has always been interested in making paper-free paper, paper-fiber bags that are reusable and that can be made in your kitchen or anywhere you want,” he said.

Hand bags made with paper are very different to traditional hand-and‐craft paper bags.

“For me, paper bags are not the same as hand paper bags,” he explains.

“They are very, very thin and they can be very fragile and difficult to work with.”

I’ve had people tell me I can’t even touch the paper, that I am going to break the paper,” Mr Jones says.

While the art of making paper is something that he can understand, it is not something that everyone can achieve.”

Most people can’t handle the art, they just can’t,” he concludes.


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