China’s ‘China Dream’ is about to come true

The Chinese Communist Party is set to unveil its “China Dream” as it attempts to modernize its economy and revive its fortunes.

The plan, which was first revealed by China’s top leader last month, will include the expansion of the economy, the creation of a new infrastructure and the development of an economy in which most of the work is done in the home.

The first stage of the “China dream” will include an ambitious plan to invest 100 billion yuan ($1.4 trillion) into infrastructure and create 1 million jobs.

That plan has been described as an ambitious attempt to transform the economy.

It’s an ambitious effort but not without problems.

Some critics have been calling for China to do more to address its severe oversupply of raw materials, and to do so quickly.

The country has been cutting production of the staples such as rice and soybeans, which are essential for the nation’s economy.

China’s economy, which has a projected gross domestic product of around $7 trillion, has been slowing for decades.

In the last year, the economy has shed more than 100 million jobs and nearly 1.5 million factories have shut down.

That’s because China has struggled with the collapse of its factories and the global financial crisis.

It has also been losing its competitive advantage in a global marketplace.

The Chinese economy is expected to contract 1.6% in 2017 and 0.7% in 2018.

It is also expected to fall to 2.4% in 2019 and 1.9% in 2020.

That will be the worst performance in four years, according to the Bank of China, which forecasts growth of just 1% this year.

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