A Crane Museum In The News

The Crane museum is one of many projects the museum has been involved in over the past few years.

The museum is now expanding its range of exhibitions to include more of its past and current exhibits.

The exhibit “Crane Museum: The History of Papermaking and Its Uses” will open on October 6, 2019.

“We’re always looking for ways to expand and add new features to the Crane, so it’s a great opportunity to be a part of it,” said Lisa Lofgren, Crane’s Art Director.

The Crone Museum also recently opened its own store at the historic building.

The original Crane building was constructed in 1888 and opened as the Crone Papermaking Factory in 1918.

It is one the oldest continuously operating paper manufacturing facilities in the world.

“The building is a bit of a mystery, but we’ve been using it as a location to hold events, sell books, and a lot of other things,” said Lofren, adding that they have even had a paper festival in the building recently.

The papermaking factory, which was operated by local papermaking pioneers, was the world’s largest factory by volume until it was closed by the U.S. government in 1973.

It was the first American papermaking plant to be shut down in the United States.

The building is currently being used as a storage facility for the museum’s collection of over 30,000 papermaking products.

It has become an iconic part of the Crine.

Lofgren said the museum was originally designed to house the papermaking company, but was moved to the building in 2007.

“It’s been an iconic building for the Crines history,” she said.

“I think it’s just a fantastic building to bring it back.”

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